August 2nd, 2014 Farmers Market

Dog Days Are Here

Dog Days of Summer

With the first market day of August we officially ring in the Dog Days of Summer. This is the time of year when the heat rises, the humidity swells, and everything slows down.

We wanted to take this time to thank all the local and small farms and all the farmers markets that grow and distribute our food. A special thanks to all the farmers and markets that operate during these hot and muggy months.


Talking With Your Mouth Full

Recorded Interview with Todd UnderhillCentral Sarasota Farmers Market is excited to have launched the first of what will be many recorded conversations with community members discussing topics related to food, farming, and farmer’s markets. These conversations are intended to help educate the listener, answer questions, inspire thought and participation, and engage our community in their local food culture.

This first conversation is with Todd Underhill, a local agriculture expert and presidne of Geraldson Community Farm. The topic is What Is Certified Organic Food? You can listen to the 21 minute conversation here.

Summertime Vendor Updates

As we alluded to, summertime causes everything to slow down and many markets experience a reduced number of vendors for many reasons. Here are some of the vendor changes for this week.

Eddie with Greens On The Gro will be at the market this week with a selection of organic produce. Greens on the Gro, typically offering locally grown hydroponic and imported organic produce, will be with us every other week for the remainder of the summer.

Purple Belle Ice Cream Truck will be back this week with ice cream, benniets, and fruit smoothies!

Lisa and John with Cheesecake Me Desserts are on VACATION!  Yay for them. As a result, you’ll have to wait til next week to get your fresh breads and sugar fixes.

Brooklyn Knish will not be at the market for several weeks. We expect them back in September and are looking forward seeing them.