About Central Sarasota Farmers Market

Farmers markets have been around nearly as long as farmers have. These community events provide residents access not only to locally produced goods and services, but also to the people that provide them. In this Internet age when the marketplace is global and online orders account for billions in commerce, farmers markets have maintained a strong and growing presence in countless communities.

FarmersMarket-Logo1-3-No-WordsThe Central Sarasota Farmers Market (CSFM) is among these growing markets.

Relatively new to the scene, the CSFM launched on January 11th, 2014. The market keeps with tradition by seeking and hosting vendors of locally or regionally produced vegetables, fruits, meats, baked goods, and prepared foods. Embracing the evolution of American farmers markets, CSFM also hosts local artists, artisans, service providers, non-profit organizations, and live entertainment.

Continuing in the spirit of growth, the CSFM regularly develops educational presentations that cover a wide range of topics and different interests. These interests can include the agriculture industry, domestic agriculture, health, children’s education, community issues, cooking, economy, and more.

The CSFM is dedicated to working with and promoting our local farmers, artisans, businesses, organizations, and artists. Come Grow With Us!! If you produce locally sourced, locally grown, and/or hand-crafted products and would like to explore options for vending at the CSFM, contact us here.

Join us every Saturday 8am until 1pm, year-round in the parking lot of Sarasota County Technical Institute (S.C.T.I.) situated on the corner of Proctor Road and Beneva Road at 4748 S. Beneva Road, Sarasota, Florida, 34233. This location provides many benefits to vendors and visitors alike. With easy access off of Proctor or Beneva, the Central Sarasota Farmers Market parking is easy, abundant, and free. The flat, paved surface makes it easy for people with wheelchairs, walkers, or canes to comfortably participate. And everybody has access to the indoor, climate controlled bathrooms located inside the S.C.T.I. building.

Sarasota Farmers Market Experience & History

CSFM is run by the managing members of Sarasota Agricultural Farmers Markets, Inc.: Todd Underhill and Tim Brown. Born and/or raised on the sun coast, both have a personal connection to this area and a commitment to our local economy and community. Their individual histories, experience, and knowledge span a range of agriculture, business, production, creativity, community markets, and more. Working together, these two men combine their individual strengths and expertise in order to grow the Central Sarasota Farmers Market and our community’s involvement with local markets in general.

Tim Brown
Tim Brown and FamilyTim has been participating in community and agricultural markets his entire life. That’s what you do when you grow up on a farm. For 4 generations his family has been farming the Sarasota soil, beginning with his grandfather In 1915. 100 years later, Tim, his wife, and their 3 children continue the Brown family farming tradition.

Because of his lifetime on the farm, Tim has an uncommon knowledge of local agriculture industry. From field, to market, to the dinner table, he has history and experience with every step and facet of locally based farmers markets.

Over the years, Tim has held many titles and sat on many boards which include an elected official for the Sarasota Soil and Water Conservation District, Sarasota County Agriculture Policy Council, 4H Leader, and American Farmer Degree Recipient from Future Farmers of America. Tim was also an organizing member of the Phillipi Farmers Market, another Sarasota Farmers Market.

Todd Underhill
Todd has spent his entire life in the Sarasota agriculture community. Born and raised in Sarasota, he grew up on a cattle ranch. Living and working on the ranch gave Todd experience and knowledge that few posses, providing him a keen awareness and understanding of the local agriculture industry.

As he grew, Todd’s interests expanded, inspiring him to study a diverse range of topics including literature, public debate, and computer technology. Todd’s inclination for new social experiences and intellectual pursuits, combined with his deep agricultural knowledge and history, has made him an active player in local farming and agriculture organizations.

Among his many titles, Todd serves or has served as: president of Florida West Coast Resource Conservation and Development, an elected official for the Sarasota Soil and Water Conservation District, board of directors for Sarasota County Farm Bureau, advisory committees for the National Association of Conservation Districts, special advisory committee to the Chief of the USDA, and president of Geraldson Community Farm.