December 6th, 2014 – Farmers Market

New Vendors

aloeOrganicsWe are very excited to have 2 new vendors this week. We welcome our first organic farmer to the market: Aloe Organics. But Aloe Organics is more than just a farm. It is an idea, a mission, and the legacy of a brave, young woman named Allison “Aloe” Nelson who battled cancer and succumbed to it in March of 2012. During her battle, Allison chose not only to fight for her own life, but also to help others facing cancer fight for their lives. Read more about Aloe here.

We are also very happy to welcome a chocolate maker. Bee Sweet Confectionery  is a new, local chocolatier who makes chocolate from locally produced honey.

Arts & Artisans

HairPinsIt’s the Arts & Artisans Day at the market. This month we have plant novelties, jewelry, pottery, Christmas cards, recycled outside yard items, soaps, candles and products made of shells including wreaths and Christmas items.

New Products

Citrus Hybrid

sugarbelleBrown’s Grove will be the only grower in the area to have a new hybrid orange: The Sugar Belle! The mandarin hybrid — a mix of the sweet Clementine and the colorful, bell­ shaped Minneola — has a rich taste and strong aroma that may be best described as a mandarin with a tangy punch.

Hanging Flower Baskets

hangingbasketSun Crazy Gardens is offering beautiful hanging flower baskets for the holidays! These baskets are selling for only $20.

Music at the Market

This Saturday enjoy the steel drum sounds of Marco Ciceron.