Farmers Market Photo Gallery – June, 2014

The first market of June was a beautiful, bright, and sunny day. We had several new items from vendors including just-grown Datura flowers from Jason (SunCrazy Gardens), new hand-painted purses from SUES Handbags, including the popular Coach,  purses. and a new chilled zucchini guacamole from Baja Boys Grill.

On June 14th, we welcomed a new vendor, saw the launch of Baja Boy’s take-home-dips, and hosted a few artists and craftsfolk.

Our new vendor, Pamello Park Nursery offers exotic plants and orchids and had one of the greatest booths we’ve seen! The mannequins are very cool.

The Baja Boys Baja Mexican Grill started offering the famous Guacamole, Salsa, and Pico De Gallo in 8 and 16 ounce containers. This first-time-ever venture was an unqualified success. People loved watching chef Chris make up the dishes and loved the flavors even more.

Some of our craft and art vendors returned with custom crafted and artistic products.

June 21st at the Farmers Market.  Bonnie at Brooklyn Knish sold out of her new Cuban Picadillo flavor, we met some new friends from the Sarasota Sheriff’s Animal Services who needed adoption, and Baja Boys teased us with some new vegetarian deep-fried delight.

June 28th was hot and fun. Kismet was sporting a bright orange bandanna, Brown’s Grove had mangoes, cherries, and melons, SunCrazy Gardens had a few different pepper plants, and Blissful Essence unveiled 4 new candle scents.