June 28th, 2014 Farmers Market

Free Range Meats


Agriculture produced on small & family owned farms is the way to go and meat is no different. Every week, Tim Brown from Brown’s Grove brings in free range, grass fed, antibiotic-free, & hormone-free meats from Beulah Farm in the Appalachian Valley of North Carolina. His selection typically includes ground beef, rib eye steaks, and pasture-raised pork sausage.

The farm is in Leicester, N. Carolina and  is run by Dr.s John and Kathy Bennett. You can read more about the farm, the farmers, and their product on their website at www.beulahfarmnc.com.

Vegetarian Menu Items

baja-boys-riptide-rollVegetarian food doesn’t have to be bland and free of the textures and flavors that meat eaters enjoy….. especially when Michelle at Baja Boys Baja-Mexican Grill is doing the cooking.

Her new Riptide Rolls are packed full of incredible flavors. In addition to the traditional vegan/vegetarian staples of rice and beans, Michelle adds her own baja-seasoned, ground tofu. Don’t let the word ‘tofu’ frighten you. This mixture of spices, sauce, and ground tofu tastes exactly like taco beef. Wrap this mixture up in a tortilla, deep fry it, and you have one of the tastiest vegetarian dishes imaginable.

New Things To Smell

essential-oilsFor many weeks now, Mary Arndt, owner and operator of Blissful Essence, has been concocting a few new essential oil scents. The fruit of her labors is now available to everyone in the form of new candles.

Carefully mixing different aromas, Mary now has 4 new scents: Tahitian Tiare, Rosemary Mint, Farmers Market, and Summer Pudding. Stop by the Blissful Essence tent to sample these and many other essential oil products.

And remember, Mary is a master perfumer and can come up with a custom scented essential oil, candle, soap, or tart just for you!