October 18th, 2014 – Farmers Market

New General Store Products

We are excited to add canned goods from Sunshine Canning to the General Store this weekend! Lisa Fulk, owner and operator of Sunshine Canning, is a certified Master Food Preserver who not only sells canned pickles, jams, fruits, and spreads, but also offers classes on how to can in your own home. Canning can help save money and gives you access to local produce that is out of season.

Stop by the Central Market General Store to see what kind of pickles and spreadable preserves we have from Sunshine Canning.

New Produce Vendor

Update: The Homestead Hydroponic Farm has postponed entering the market by a week or two. We’ll keep you updated when they plan to enter.

We are excited to welcome Mike and Sarah from The Homestead Hydroponic Farm to the Central Sarasota Farmers Market. These to two young farmers have a beautiful hydroponic farm in Myakka  City. They are truly committed to the local food movement and believe that food grown in our own back yard is better all around. Please come out an welcome Sarah and Mike from Homestead to the market. We believe that they will have their first crop of Green, Burgundy, and Golden beans available!

New Service Vendor

We are also excited to welcome Todd Buchman from Captain Solutions Water Treatment. Todd offers drinking water filtration systems, whole home water systems, and free in-home water testing. Todd is a certified water specialist through the Water Quality Association and a certified water treatment installer. He has been in the water treatment business for over twenty years. Come out and welcome Todd to the market.

Guest Vendor

Perry will be gone this week so we are welcoming a guest food vendor: Top Dog hot dog cart. Top Dog will be offering German Brats, Hot Dogs, Sausages, and More.

Music this week is provided by Marco Cicerone

Vendor Updates

Purple Belle Ice Cream is out this week

Perry’s BBQ is out this week.