Brooklyn Knish


BROOKLYN KNISH IS NO LONGER SELLING PRODUCTS AT THE CENTRAL SARASOTA FARMERS MARKET. You can purchase Brooklyn Knish at the farmers market General Store.

Bonnie and Mac Wachtler are the owners of Brooklyn Knish, a business that bakes and sells Bonnie’s family recipe knish snack.

A traditional Knish comes from Eastern Europe and is a light pastry filled with spiced potatoes and other savory ingredients. Bonnie adapted her Grandmother’s traditional recipe to include breakfast varieties, dessert flavors, curried stuffings, and over 20 other variations. The also offer bags of mini knishs. Little pastry babies….

The company ships all over the United States, participates in numerous farmers markets including the Central Sarasota Farmers Market, and has provided for Florida school districts.

Pre-Order and pick up from Central Sarasota Farmers Market! That’s right, you can call 727-408-5208, order your favorite flavors, and pick them up Saturday at the market.

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