Brown’s Grove

Tim Brown and Family

Brown’s Grove is truly a family endeavor. Now in their fourth generation of farming, the family has been growing citrus in the Sarasota area since 1915. The farm grows over 24 varieties of citrus as well as other produce. Their farmers market booth is 700 square feet and provides a large and diverse selection of locally grown produce when in season and produce imported small farms in neighboring states when it’s outside the Florida growing season. They also offer hormone and antibiotic free meats, cored pineapple, honey, and other agriculture products.

The Brown’s Grove family also run booths at the downtown Sarasota farmers market and the Phillipi farmhouse market as well as own and run a permanent farm market and country store in Parrish.

Their citrus groves often includes many varieties of oranges, tangerines, tengelos, and grapefruits and you can order directly from their website.

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