Homestead Hydroponic Farm

HomesteadHydroponicLogoNestled in Myakka City, Florida, Homestead Hydroponic Farm is a family operated hydroponic farm owned by Sarah and Mike Whannel.

Mike and Sarah focus on sustainable farming and have vowed never to use GMO seed or an over abundance of chemicals.

Their produce is grown in hydroponic “stacks” which provides several benefits: year-round growing, more crops grown on a smaller footprint, water conservation, and some plants will grow much faster than with traditional, soil based farming methods.

In addition to a colorful variety of vegetables, Homestead also grows flowers which they sell at the farmers market.

Sarah and Mike are quite lovely people who are open to suggestions on what produce YOU would like to buy. Stop by their booth at the Central Sarasota Farmers Market and see what’s growing.

You can check out Homestead Hydroponic online at: