September 27th, 2014 – Farmers Market

Artisan Guests

Plant NoveltiesThis week our artisan guest spotlight is Karen Frantz.

hat do Antiques, Art, and Plants all have in common? Karen Frantz. Karen’s passion for the old, the creative, and the growing is made manifest in the most attractive plant novelty arrangements. With clocks, teapots, sifters, strainers, lanterns, and whatever else catches her eye, Karen creates gorgeous and artistic potted plant art.

Art & Artisan

The first Saturday of every month, Central Sarasota Farmers Market will be hosting Artists & Artisans. These local creators produce distinctive products that you won’t find at any walmart, macy’s, or outlet store.

Brown’s Grove Planting Prep

It is that time of year here in Florida. It’s planting season and Brown’s Grove is busy preparing the land to do what it does best: grow food. Check out these photos of a day on the farm. If you have questions about what they’re doing, stop by the Brown’s Grove booth at the market and ask them!

The Cleanest Food Around

Baja Boys Grill was recognized by the state of Florida as 1 of only 32 Food Service Establishments with ZERO HEALTH, SAFETY, OR SANITATION VIOLATIONS!!  There are over 1.3 million food businesses in Florida, and there are only 32 that got 100% clean and safe, and our Baja Boys Grill was one of them.  This includes restaurants, hotels, delis, and any other business that prepares and serves food. Stop by and congratulate them…. then treat yourself to the tastiest (and cleanest) food Sarasota has to offer.

Local Athena Cantaloupes

Athena Cantaloupes are in season! This is usually a hot seller when these little melon gems are available. Brown’s Grove will have them starting this weekend.

Cheesecake Me!

Cheesecake Me BarsThe special sweets this week from Cheesecake Me is Triple Chip Congo Bars. What are they? Stop by and find out.

Vendor Updates

Perry’s BBQ is Back this week!

Purple Belle Ice Cream is  out this weekend.

Greens on the Gro is out this weekend but should be back at the market full time starting next weekend, October 4th.

Sues Handbags is out this week.